Hurrah For The Underground!

By Ben Baganz
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Hurrah for the Underground

About the Book

Hurrah for the Underground! by Ben Baganz is a novel that explores the terrifying release of children into a wide and ever-changing world. Papa is the successful owner of a manufacturing business in a small, decaying town. He has a loving wife, Lucy, and four beautiful daughters: Georgiana, Rama, Daphne, and Shelley. Papa insists his daughters practice ballet and perform for the town in order for the girls to focus and stay out of trouble. His strategy conflicts with their wishes, as his girls are entering adulthood and willful in many different ways.

Papa struggles also to meet the demands and keep the integrity of his business as others endlessly leave town. Bad blood has arisen between him and some townsfolk. He must keep himself, his family, and his business safe from those who would do him harm.

There is a family secret bubbling to the surface throughout the novel. This tale about juggling the intense responsibilities of work and family, while keeping personal tragedy out of the spotlight, provides readers with suspense and reality. This book is dedicated to Mr. Baganz’s parents and grandmother.

About the Author

Author Ben Baganz debuts his first published novel after a lifelong fascination with writing. He is from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, but studies secondary English at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota. Mr. Baganz has also studied abroad in Berlin, Germany, where he was inspired to write this novel. His dream is to go to New Zealand to tour the countryside and experience the scenery which was featured in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 140