Humorous Poems And Others Of The Twenty-First Century: Volume 1

By Erwin K. Yarbrough, Jr.
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What makes poetry a good read is the creativity in the rhymes and rhythms. The author, wanting to delight the readers with humor, told short stories through stanzas and lines. He used an unconventional technique, which is mostly childish and funny yet enjoyable. Each poem discusses a certain topic, sometimes about childhood tales and characters, while other times about war, love, and adulthood. The reader shall be brought into a different world and shall meet a new persona in every page turn.

Divided into four parts, this collection of poems gives the effect like an undulating ocean, without disappointing the reader about the word play that comes in every part. Humorous Poems and Others of the Twenty-First Century: Volume I, by Erwin K. Yarbrough, Jr., delves about diverse topics that are pleasurable to read from end to end.

About the Author

Erwin K. Yarbrough, Jr. (General) is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, who loves putting and collecting antiques. Among his diverse interests are listening to music and playing sports. Living alone, he still enjoys to immerse in humorous activities, including writing stories and poems that delight the reader. At sixty-five, he was able to get a masters degree in Education Administration, and during his younger years taught in seventh grade and held administrative positions in schools.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 66