How Well Do You Know Jerry...And His Friends? A Trivia Book

By Artie Mangravito
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Elaines middle namethe special quality of Kramers jacketthe strange powers of the black-and-white cookiethe original title of War and Peace. Do you ever find yourself pondering these and other situations from the weekly escapades of the television show Seinfeld? Do you quote scenes from the show only to have your friends not quite understand or appreciate the depth of humor? Do you identify with the characters on the show and the situations in which they find themselves? Artie Mangravito answered yes to all of these questions and chose to do something about it. He compiled the wit and wisdom of the show to share with his fellow Seinfeld fans, and now those who dont quite get it can open the vault and have a forum through which to develop an appreciation. The result is the fun and challenging trivia collection, How Well Do You Know Jerryand His Friends?: A Trivia Book. Whether you are a longtime fan tuning in again and again for the laughs or a newcomer trying to get a grip on the intricate personal interplay and subplots, Arties book will offer hours of thought, insight, and enjoyment. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York, Artie Mangravito was able to identify with the types of people and day-to-day neuroses that are an integral part of life in the big city depicted in the Seinfeld series. This familiarity with city life contributes to his love of the television show and his wish to share the humor with others in his first book.

Published: 1998
Page Count: 32