How To Train A Toddler To Be Smart

By Dr. Farina A. Rana
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About the Book

Early childhood education is critical for a child’s development. Children in their early age are very eager to learn and to explore the world around them. This book is a guide to small things that can make a lifelong difference, and it offers suggestions to help parents make their child both book smart and environmentally smart.

Dr. Farina A. Rana’s educational philosophy is to cultivate the child’s own desire to learn to be smart, thereby fostering the child’s enthusiasm for and engagement with the learning process.

About the Author

Dr. Farina A. Rana is a principal and supervises all academic affairs: she directs curriculum delivery, schedules course offering and manage strategic planning functions. Dr. Rana received her PhD and taught littles for many years. Her teaching and research interest include Universal Design for Learning, eLearning, and Learner Engagement. In her spare time, Dr. Rana enjoys painting and reading.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 36