How To Play Smart Baseball: Ideas And Techniques On How To Play Baseball Better That Anyone Can Use

By Leighton L. Smith
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How to Play Smart Baseball

About the Book

How to Play Smart Baseball is a user-friendly guide to playing baseball that anyone can use. It gives practical suggestions on how to play baseball better, including ideas and tactics for managers, coaches and players of all positions. Using real-life examples from throughout the history of the sport, How to Play Smart Baseball advocates a smarter, more engaging way to play the game while memorizing some of the best players and plays of all time. Amateur of professional, all readers can use this book as a companion to enhance their experience in watching, discussing, or playing the game.

About the Author

Leighton L. Smith is a lifelong fan of baseball. He has paid very close attention to the game, and his favorite teams and players for more than 65 years. He has watched tens of thousands of innings and attended thousands of games in person.

A native of Racine, Wisconsin, Smith is a graduate of Trinity College in Connecticut and the University of Texas at Arlington. He is a former U.S. Air force pilot, instructor pilot, and Vietnam veteran. He is a consummate problem solver and troubleshooter who has been a teacher, trainer and college professor. He loves dogs and has written several books, four fiction and three non-fiction.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 262