How To Laugh, Cry, And Think

By Reno L. Miller
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About the Book

In this scathing social critique, Reno L. Miller pulls no punches and holds nothing sacred. He uses his vitriolic pen to take a stab at all institutions of power, from local government bureaucrats who are deaf to our needs unless they are well oiled, to the ultimate evil, the International Monetary Fund and its detrimental effects on every economy it touches. But Millers major concern is the apathy of the human race that allows these conditions to flourish and creates chaos in our liberties and lifestyle, both around the world and on the home front. It lies within us to do something to reverse the conditions we live under and create a new order free of the tyrannies of the past.

About the Author

A native of Athens Hellas, Reno L. Miller has lived in Chicago, Illinois, for nearly thirty years, where he is a commercial driver and a real estate investor and a property review consultant. In addition to six years of classical elementary school, six years of classical high school, and three years of college, he has educated himself by searching university archives and libraries. He and his wife, Eustathia, have two daughters and two sons.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 30