How To Get Your Kids Back From Cps: Child Protective Services

By Ms. Ru Red
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About the Book

Every year, minority women are targeted to have their children temporarily removed from their custody and placed with the Administration for Children Services (ACS). There are thousands of cases where those children are placed in foster homes and adopted before the mothers are successful in their efforts to be reunited. With all the roadblocks, these women need an ally in the journey to get their kids back from CPS.

This book is that ally. The only of its kind in the marketplace, this book provides strategies, tools, and explanations that can help thousands of parents across the country be reunited with their children once again.

About the Author

My community involvement is that I work for politicians’ campaigns. I particularly choose different parties. Whatever candidate I feel like can make a difference or change, I would work for them.

My hobbies include going to and playing various sports. I enjoy baseball games. I love to play basketball and football. My special interests include painting and writing songs and books. I enjoy dating on social media. It‘s fun and different. 

I have a degree in Business and Marketing. I would like to continue my education one day as well. I encourage everyone to do so. Please don’t get discouraged and let people tell you that you are too old to accomplish a dream or continue your education.

My family includes my many children and me. I have a lovely grandma and many aunts and uncles that support me. My mother is very strong and beautiful. I just would like a safe place for me and my children. That is what make my life complete.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 50