How To Focus More On Yourself: You Are Worth The Effort: Workbook

By Roberta L. Cavin, MS, LMHC
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After a long search for the all-in-one guide on being good to yourself, Roberta L. Cavin, MS, LMHC, took it upon herself to create the best guide with all the information needed to become the best you. With Cavin’s years of experience as a yoga instructor, counselor, and health coach, she combines all three into making one comprehensive guide for the mind, body, and soul.

How to Focus More on Yourself takes an in-depth look into healthy mindful habits, exercise, and eating right to guide you on a journey of bettering your entire being. For those who struggle with being at their best, there are helpful worksheets, templates, and organizers for better time management skills to aid you on your path to personal reflection. No matter what your situation, there is always a way out, and there are easy and simple tasks to get you on the road to a happier, healthier life.

About the Author

Roberta L. Cavin, MS, LMHC, works for a nonprofit counseling center in the Daytona Beach and Osmond Beach Florida locations. She has worked with many teens and adults who are looking to help their depression, anxiety, and low self-worth. Using art in her sessions helps her clients to feel more at ease with talking and aid in expressing themselves with something other than words. Cavin is a certified yoga instructor and uses yoga in therapy sessions to help with anxiety and depression. Additionally, she is a certified health coach to aid people in managing a proper diet, exercise, and overall health.

Cavin is married with two grown children and one stepson.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 134