How To Become A More Effective Teacher Of Minority Students

By Dr. Azel C. Colston Jr.
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A dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education, How to Become a More Effective Teacher of Minority Students draws on the extensive research and twenty-three years of experience of Dr. Azel C. Colston Jr. He postulates that, with the correct strategies and emotional investment by the teacher, children can actualize and maximize their potential.

Teachers should facilitate their students achievement by becoming interested in the community around the school, encouraging parents to become engaged in their childs success, and by offering a diverse and hands-on classroom experience that encourages creativity and learning.

About the Author

The oldest of nine children, Dr. Azel C. Colston Jr. was raised in a close family that showed great respect and love for one another, attributes he values not only in home life, but in the classroom as well. During his time as an educator, he taught in the Cleveland Public School System and worked as an assistant principal in the East Orange School System for thirty years. Now retired, Colston enjoys traveling to visit family in Cleveland.

This book is dedicated to his recently deceased brother, Franklin Colston, an important person in his life and a great source of encouragement.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 56