How Running Saves Lives: The Story Of Dickie Longo - A Man for Our Times as Told by Sue Oaks

By Dickie Longo & Sue Oaks
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Beginners Walk/Run Program

This program was designed by Dickie Longo, an 83 year old everyday runner who runs a race every weekend. He has been running for 70 years.

2 DAYS - Walk Around Block

2 DAYS - Walk Around 2 Blocks

2 DAYS - Walk Down Block, Slow Run The End, Walk Down Other Side, Run End.

2 DAYS - Run Down Block, Walk End, Run Down Other Side, Walk End.

1 DAY - Run Around Block To Standing Ovation Of Neighbors.

2 DAYS - Run Around 2 Blocks

3 DAYS - Run Around 3 Blocks

3 DAYS - Run Around 4 Blocks - HALF MILE

Continue increasing number of blocks until you run a mile. ALL RUNS AT SLOW PACE. At this point when advancing toward 5k distance you can start the run/walk method if you want to. RUN for 5 minutes, then WALK BRISKLY for 1 minute, and contiue this sequence for the 5k distance of 3.1 miles. Goal is to run a slow 5k when you feel comfortable with your progress.

See you at the next 5k race. We will run it together.

Published: 2021
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