How God Delivered Me From What The Doctor Diagnosed As Depression

By Sonia Rowe
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What do you do in times of trouble? Where do you turn for answers and support when life gives you all you can handle? Author Sonia Rowe originally struggled to find her place in this world. The daughter of a bishop and an evangelist, she grew up as a happy-go-lucky child in rural Jamaica. She got pregnant at a young age, however, and she had little education when she immigrated to the United States. Sonia knew that she was a kind, caring individual with God-given gifts, but she couldnt determine her purpose in this world.

In her struggles, she was diagnosed with depression and then bipolar disorder, and she spent some time in the hospital under the care of her doctors. She could not find relief in medication, however. Instead, she sought the help of God and a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. God gave her signs that she would be delivered, and she began to minister to her fellow patients.

Through her struggles, Sonia Rowe has learned that God is the ultimate healer, deliver, and provider. She shares her inspiring story in How God Delivered Me from What the Doctor Diagnosed as Depression.

About the Author

A native of Jamaica, Sonia Rowe is a licensed practical nurse who has lived in Mattapan, Massachusetts, for twenty-seven years. She has four children: Lloyd, Peta-Ann, Simone, and Dane. Through her first published book, How God Delivered Me from What the Doctor Diagnosed as Depression, she hopes to help others who are struggling with depression to know that they are not alone and they too can be delivered.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 54