How Biddikins And Buddikins Made Santa Claus Work Fast!

By David W. Cummings, Illustrated Mike Malvey
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Is there a magic in Christmas that only a child can experience? Join two young neighbors, Biddikins and Buddikins, as they decide to stay awake one Christmas Eve and wait for Santa. Whoever sees him first will warn the other from the window. Poor Buddikins! He tries to stay awake, but he has been playing all day and is just too sleepy. Wait! Whats that noise? Santa has just dropped a bag full of toys. Buddikins runs to see Santa, but Santa quickly flies up the chimney! Buddikins warns Biddikins. She tries to catch Santa, but every door in her path is closed. Santa is on his way. The children are disappointed, but they find it funny that they made Santa work so fast. This Christmas Eve, they were Santas helpers. With its charming illustrations, How Biddikins and Buddikins Made Santa Claus Work Fast! will delight children of all ages.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 24