How Abby Found Her Home

By Stacy Gertis
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On a cold spring morning, tiny Abby wakes to find herself all alone in a large barn. A kind farmer and his wife Dotty find her, and Dotty immediately opens her home to Abby – only to find that their cats don’t seem to like Abby very much! So Dotty sets out to find Abby a safe, happy, forever home, but will she succeed? Read along and find out! Based on the true story of how author Stacy Gertis and her two daughters brought Abby into their home, How Abby Found Her Home is a heartwarming and fun tale for the whole family.

About the Author

Stacy Gertis is a single mother currently residing in western New York with her two daughters and their beloved cat Abby. Stacy is an accomplished artist and holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Castleton University. Her favorite medium is charcoal, and she loves creating portraits and capturing scenes from the Vermont countryside where she grew up. Her favorite pastime though is creating art with her daughters. Stacy is currently employed as a graphic designer for a local company, and sells her original art online, and at select galleries and local showcases. See more of her work at

Published: 2021
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