Hovering At 1,000 Feet

By Phyllis R. Thompson
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Phyllis Thompson, a self-proclaimed “Helicopter Mom,” shares information, inspiration, and useful advice to readers who are apprehensive about sending their beloved children off to college. As a parent, she’s devoted to providing advice, protection, and guidance; though it hasn’t been easy for her to maintain this commitment and balance life as a self-proclaimed helicopter mom. Read about her struggles with sending her firstborn off to college and learn from her mistakes, insights, and experiences, as well as the process she recommends to overcome one’s own helicopter parent tendencies.

This book was designed for moms of college-bound children. It’s often difficult for helicopter moms to suppress their parental feelings of being overly cautious and protective, and to embrace the fact that one day they must let go of their children. In this story, read of one helicopter mom’s valuable lesson learned about how to become a mother that “hovers, not smothers,” and one who lets go so they can grow.

About the Author

Phyllis Thompson

Speaker, Trainer, and owner of PRTspeaks and Diversity Seminars, Phyllis Thompson is the author of three other inspirational books designed to encourage and empower people. She travels and speaks to audiences of all ages throughout the states on topics primarily on leadership, empowerment, and diversity initiatives. She is actively engaged with many social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She resides in Houston with her husband and their two children.

(Paperback, 110 pages)

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