Hotter The Fire, Stronger The Steel: My True Life Stories

By Pamela Livingston-Lewis
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Pamela Livingston-Lewis is different. In 1973, as a teen mother in sole support of herself and her infant son, she refused to accept state assistance as a way to manage her responsibility. After working several conventional jobs (womens jobs) throughout her young life, she was forced to take on a nontraditional job (a mans job) in order to independently care for her beloved son. Pamela Livingston-Lewis eventually became the first woman on record in the state of Utah to complete a state-certified apprenticeship with a degree in the structural Steel and Fabrication Industry. That, however, is not all that makes her different. While achieving something no other woman in the state of Utah had achieved before her, Pamela Livingston-Lewis endured and beat the odds of discrimination, mistrust, sexual innuendoes, and the typical male stereotypes of a woman. Though she yearns for love and a solid family, her first two marriages failed to provide for that need, and she has been left more than once to raise and care for her son alone. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I had an idea of sharing my true life experiences with others who may be up against the same barriers in life as I was. I share with you my struggles with teen pregnancy, poor self-esteem, minimal education, limited working skills, and prejudice. I hope I inspire encouragement in young adults, especially women, by pointing out the fact that one can beat the odds, even if the odds seem so insurmountable and impossible to defeat. Strong will, determination, and the belief in oneself to succeed are the first obstacles to overcome.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 190