Hoodlum Healer

By   XXIVK.AU. “Doc”
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After being an international, high-stakes gambler; soldier/Department of Defense “Operative”; truck driver, professional/healthcare professional (registered nurse); entrepreneur, and convict, XXIVK.AU. “Doc" literally experienced the counterproductivity of choices, responsibilities, and consequences. He promised his fellow convicts he would write a “for-real” book if he made it through his experiences, hopefully to obviate errant thoughts and subsequent behavior. Hoodlum Healer is that “for-real” book.

About the Author

XXIVK.AU. “Doc" graduated from two Southern California universities, and the tempestuous “school of hard knocks” provided exponential expertise to speak on the learning experiences that nurtured Hoodlum Healer.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 404