Hood Rock: Lyfe, Luv & Circus: True Tales From The Soul

By Dari L. B. Nichols
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About the Book

Hood Rock: Lyfe, Luv & Circus: True Tales from the Soul is about truth, injustice, and one young girl’s journey to take back her power. Pain inspired this book, freedom from pain completed it. This book seeks to free other people from the bondage of victimizations that they struggle within themselves. Be free.

About the Author

Dari L. B. Nichols was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1971 to Donnie and Darlene Blake. Dari had an eventful childhood filled with trials and tribulations but also many triumphs. Dari has five amazing children, ten grandchildren, an amazing husband and a host of family and friends. Currently Dari is interested in writing memoir and teaches at the college level in Arizona. Dari enjoys writing, dancing, singing, helping others and spending time with family.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32