Homunculus: The Cole Secretcher Series

By David Toft
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Sara Dee was a child when war broke out between the kingdoms of Apollo and Luna. Separated from her parents, she became a prisoner of war, only to be recruited by the enemy for her magical abilities of Gaia as she inevitably becomes one of the deadliest weapons against all of mankind: the homunculus.

Experience the tragic tale of hope that is Sara Dee, a story that is separated into four parts and takes place before her appearance in the upcoming Cole Secretcher Series novel: Cole Secretcher and the Chosen One.

Be introduced to the dark fantasy world of Terra, on its continent Pangea, that was stripped of its magic by an unknown catastrophe; and join Sara as she interacts with twisted, but passionate and idealistic survivors of war while on her journey to being reunited with her parents.

When one of Sara’s biggest obstacles is an enemy that is capable of seeing into the future, will she be able to win against time itself? Will Sara be able to fulfill her greatest wish: the wish for a happy ending?

About the Author

David Toft has graduated from Idaho State University and is going into his hard-earned career of being a homeless bum. You can get in touch with David via Facebook or Twitter and maybe hear him scream in agony as he tries to finish his next book Cole Secretcher and the Chosen One.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32