Homo Warfare

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About the Book

HOMO WARFARE was prompted and dictated by the Holy Spirit after an extensive study of the Epistles written by the Apostle Paul. After years of repeated readings and study, new insights as to different interpretations of iconic passages began to emerge and take shape that greatly challenged established doctrine; with the treatment of women most prominent and the events of the Last Days being offered in new settings. Also, the Doctrine of Christ’s Ministry to “Love as I have loved you” must be illustrated in our actions and behavior in all things to combat the hate that is being demonstrated in our greed, denial of the truth, and lost human compassion. Christ never uttered one negative word about homosexuality or prostitution but went out of his way to bring women into the conversation, had utter contempt for the current day church (synagogue) leaders and hung out with the very lowest class of people (the sick, uneducated, prostitutes, tax-collectors, rebels, etc.). Jesus was, and is, the most radical liberal of all time

HOMO WARFARE is a paradox. It is a profane, secular story that is interweaved with the writings of Apostle Paul and the teachings of Jesus Christ, with brave new insights into the Bible, that totally challenges the religious norms/dogma that has dominated the historical approaches to worship, male dominance and hate perpetuated by all religions. This religious dogma was cultivated and traditionalized by misinterpretations of the Bible right from the start and the Biblical interpretations that have held fast for centuries were all done by men. All religions were started by men, so one must always remember that religions are man-made, not GOD-made. The world is apostate so we are not going to reach doubters by writing more books called, “My God Is Real' or something along that line. No, the world has already rejected God's Word/Wisdom as folly so if we want to get the Message out to non-believers we are going to have to get down and wallow in the muck with all the sinners, who are just like us and we are just like them, and do it with Love. Just like Christ did during his ministry.


Published: 2020
Page Count: 322