Home Schooling: During Covid-19 And Beyond

By Deborah Nichols Poulos
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Praise for Home Schooling: During COVID-19 and Beyond

What Parents of Former Students Remember

Homeschooling has been a challenge for parents and grandparents who have worked so well to keep their children engaged in learning this pandemic year. Debbie speaks to respect and humor in this second book, which are so important for kids and parent/teachers. This book will be a good organizational tool for future homeschoolers and can be adapted to all teaching levels.

-- Carole Plack, retired Administrator, Yolo County Office of Education; parent from Debbie Poulos’ 6th grade class, and grandparent


Ms. Nichols Poulos was my son’s 5th grade teacher and, although a bright child, he had certain behavior issues which created challenges in the classroom. Debbie was the only teacher my son had throughout his schooling that I felt really understood him. She knew how to work with him to help him achieve his best potential; to feel cared about and accepted at school. Her skills, knowledge and abilities, along with her compassion for her students, made her an outstanding teacher. She was unforgettable to her students and their parents alike. 

Home Schooling: During COVID-19 and Beyond is a treasure trove of information parents (and grandparents!) can use to achieve the same success with their children. She has pulled from her first book, The Conscious Teacher, written primarily for teachers, what she thinks will be of the most help to parents. She has added some new information as well. The book’s sections on behavior standards and working with gifted students are especially helpful as a parent and now as I work with my grandkids as they school at home. The advice on how to teach the various subjects of reading, writing, math, social studies and computer skills is invaluable. I have greater confidence to help the kids learn at home, regardless of whether they are primarily learning remotely or in a classroom; this book gives you the tools to enrich their learning.

-- Sue Woods, Mediator/Facilitator; Consensus and Collaboration Program, CSUS; BA (1975) Social Welfare, San Diego State University


I'm a grandparent and not homeschooling on a regular basis, but I am often helping grandkids with schoolwork. So Home Schooling: During COVID-19 and Beyond is helpful even for having a successful single lesson. The parts about mutual respect and working WITH your student are very useful. The book is well organized, easy to understand and is full of specific routines for productive and rewarding homeschooling for teacher and student. Debbie taught my daughter, Vinci, in fourth grade and it was a wonderful year for her. She gained the necessary confidence to succeed academically in Debbie’s class that propelled her lively mind and scholastic achievements to this day. 

-- Dawn Daro, mother of Vinci Daro, B.A. and secondary teaching credential UC Berkeley, taught Junior High Richmond Unified School District 


For parents new to teaching, as for anybody else, simple tools can help a lot. Deborah Nichols Poulos’ Home Schooling: During COVID-19 and Beyond supplies them in a well-organized format. For math, she gives you handy grids for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, plus simple tricks that aid intuition, such as the use of manipulative objects. To build up reading and spelling, she offers bonus devices for rewarding new learning without any mark-downs for errors. For writing, try her tips on building sentences and paragraphs. Positive feedback, no tears. Even without covid, this book would have been timely. 

-- Peter and Lin Lindert, parents of Nick Lindert, one of Deborah’s students

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 172