His Perfect Plan

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By:Nancy Row

His Perfect Plan tells the story of a young boy struggling through life with a family plagued by alcohol and domestic abuse. Though life was hard, he found that God would step in to guide him, saving his life and moving his soul in order to break the cycle of abuse. He has lived on to share his story with the world, and to share his miracle with anyone whose heart is open to receive God’s gift.

About the Author

Nancy Row grew up in a small town with a loving, Christian home. She attended church every Sunday, and met her husband at age thirteen at a church event. She never intended on writing a book, but she always wanted her husband to write about his childhood in order to help and inspire those who live in a similar situation. With this book she hopes to open readers’ eyes to the power of God, and his ability to work through others to change the world.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 158

Customer Reviews

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Earle W. Flick, D.V.M.
Just a tremendous story of our LORD intervening in the lives of others.

I would highly recommend reading this heartfelt story.