Hippie Memoirs: Santa Fe Days

By Cliff Alexander
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About the Book

Hippie Memoirs follows a young man who has been discharged from the army after going through a stockade experience for being a conscientious objector. With symptoms of PTSD from that experience, the young man hitches to Santa Fe where he hears of hippie communes. A chance meeting with a poet begins his journey of finding himself along with relationships that are made along the way.

Perfect for baby boomers, Hippie Memoirs authenticity captures life post Vietnam War Era. Edited by Susan Schmidt

About the Author

Cliff Alexander worked as a teacher to pay the bills while raising a family, and he still teaches. With a love for creating stories, Alexander has been writing poetry and short stories since 1980. He has always been an outsider and likes to take life head on.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 238