Hilda's Secret

By Judith Dring
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About the Book

In the aftermath of World War II, eighty-five thousand “displaced” people were in refugee camps scattered all over Europe. Many sought to start a new life away from the tragedy of destruction and loss. Countries like Canada and Australia offered the promise of a “new start” and a chance to start life over. This is a story of a Latvian girl who found love in the isolation of the West Australian Wheatbelt. However, no one really escapes the past and when a life is lost, an inquisitive Australian lass is reluctantly recruited to solve the mystery. The Australian girl, Sally, has herself recently returned to her homeland after a failed love affair in Africa. With dogged determination to find the truth, Sally is met with many challenges along the way. She falls in love with a wealthy landholder who is a suspect in the mysterious death. Her impetuous nature is moderated by the sensible love of her sister Irma and the loving spirit of Hilda.

About the Author

Born and raised in a small country town in the southwest of Western Australia, Judith Dring travelled widely with her parents to visit her four older married sisters. This allowed her time to observe behaviors in the world around her and encounter bush “characters” who for one reason or another sought the isolation and freedom of the countryside. Having been inspired by teachers in her life, she became a teacher herself and was appointed to a position in the Northern Agricultural region of Western Australia where she met her husband Peter, a farmer. Enduring the challenges of farming together for many years has instilled in them a great respect for nature and the people who live and work in the country. They have four adult children and eight grandchildren. Judith served as a pastoral assistant in the Anglican Church, a justice of the peace, and the activities of the local community. Now retired, Judith enjoys reflecting and writing fiction based on the events of the past and the diversity of people touched by these events.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 142