By Doug Cline
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A Beginner’s Guide

Have you always wanted to hike the backcountry, but didn’t know how to start? Or maybe you didn’t know what to bring—or found the wilderness downright scary? With this guide you can cast your fears aside and let author Doug Cline prepare you for an enjoyable experience in the wilderness. Educate yourself on which necessities to carry, what to do in an emergency, and how to get the most out of all nature has to offer.

About the Author

Doug Cline grew up in Eastern Washington, the son of a school teacher. His family spent most of their summers hiking and camping. Cline learned a true love of nature and the skills to enjoy himself. Hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting were fun activities! Living in his rural town, outdoor activities were popular. His enjoyment of the wilderness taught him that it should be available to all, not locked away like some environmentalists would prefer. Nature is calming and there for all.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 76