Hidden Fields: A Guide For Workplace Christian Fellowship Groups

By Ron Larson
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Hidden Fields is hailed as an effective, practical guide to starting a workplace ministry in an often secular and religiously resistant society. As Christianity should be synonymous with ministry, Ron Larson persuades readers to integrate their walk of faith into the everyday, helping us encourage others to live a life devoted to God. If we follow His plan, we will place ourselves on the right path to salvation. Our assignment is to utilize our God-given gifts to spread Gods Word and break down the ominous barriers that separate Church and State. From the grassroots bottom-up approach, each one of us possesses the tools necessary to start a workplace ministry and to fully utilize this often untapped resource. Hidden Fields is truly moving, inspirational, and heartfelt - a wonderful gift to all readers.

About the Author

Ron Larson, a native of Nebraska, is currently living in Tampa, Florida, where he works as a project manager and senior electrical engineer. He has a wife, Marilou, and three children: Jessica, Daniel, and Abigail. Ron is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He enjoys biblical studies, writing, and avidly forming and sustaining faith based fellowship groups in the workplace.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 68