Here And Beyond

By Catherine Morgan
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From her childhood in On the Farm through the lament of a Lost Love, Catherine Morgan walks us through the events of her life in poems that deal with happiness, disappointment, love, family, faith, and the passage of time. The richness of her years is evident in her poems, and Ms. Morgan highlights the priceless gifts of everyday life, giving thanks for every season. She even dedicates a poem addressed To Those I Leave in contemplation of her own death. Here and Beyond reflects upon the life of one woman in clear and simple verse. The poems in this collection are a celebration of life from the past, to the present, and beyond.

About the Author

Catherine Morgans interest in poetry began as a child, when her mother would read to her and quote verse. Throughout the years, she recorded her own lifes experience in verse and decided upon retirement to put them together in this collection of poems. Morgan resides in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, with her husband, Donald. They have four children: Ray, Donna, Steven, and Curtis. Her interests include gardening, decorating, golf, baseball, cooking, and of course, writing poetry and novels.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 98