Help! I Need A Maid

By Eliza Markaryan
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Fred is in serious need of some aid!

Oh, will someone out there answer his ad for a maid?

Ms. Red says she will! What a joyous day!

What’s this? There’s more to it than the ad can say?

Animals here, animals there, animals everywhere!

Oh no, perhaps Fred may need to search another day!

About the Author

Eliza Markaryan is a mother of two and has worked as a preschool teacher for twenty years, which provided her with the most amazing experiences. She loved reading to the preschoolers, and the best reward was their reactions to the stories. These incredible moments inspired her to pursue writing and publishing children’s books. Early in 2021, she left her preschool career to focus on her family and writing dreams.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30