Hell's Mirror

By DeAnna Davidson Lipps
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A pack of seven teenagers were a savage group of bullies. One night, they murdered the beautiful thirteen-year-old Madeline Singer. They were never arrested. Instead, the town blamed the murder on a drifter. However, there were people watching that night—people who know the true killers of Madeline.

Now, twenty-five-years later, a “Reaper” has come to seek revenge for this horrible crime. The pack has no idea how far he is willing to go to make them pay for what they did. The Reaper is ready, his game is ready, and he is ready to win, and indeed he will, because no one will see him coming until it is too late! God may have mercy on their souls – but the Reaper has none!

About the Author

DeAnna Lipps is married to her wonderful husband, Tony. They have two dogs, named Roxy and CoCo Cabanna. DeAnna taught elementary education for nineteen years. She has also written, produced, and directed many plays for her classes. She is currently writing Hell’s Mirror II and two children’s books

Published: 2019
Page Count: 264