Hell: The Beginning Of The End

By Joshua Harrington
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A bloody war in Europe. A desolate wasteland in the American continent. An overlording technological superpower, scouting the American wastes they burned for claim; victims of the Chinese-Russian Alliance, risen back to life with unholy superpowers without the mind to withstand them. Follow the surviving Americans as they fight for survival, utilizing the very same hellish abilities that are used against them, persevering through the hellish assault of Infected, CRA soldiers, and something else – something powerful.

About the Author

Joshua Harrington is currently a junior in high school who resides in Arizona. He is an avid gamer with a large interest in music. Joshua, his siblings, and his parents have moved around the country quite a bit due to his father’s career in the military. Prior to this novel, his writing has been primarily third-person, and this is his first writing in the first-person point of view. Joshua developed a love of reading, writing, and acquiring an extensive vocabulary as a young child that continues to this day.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 396