Heartbreak Gone Good

By Chenier Datilus 
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Heartbreak Gone Good concerns a man who overcomes a horrendous heartbreak and psychological demons to find new hope in love. Charlie and Wanda each have had bad relationships in the past, but learn to find redemption through each other. Their underlying pain persisted because they were never offered an ideal outlet to express their heartache until their fateful meeting at the beach.
Love and heartbreak often go hand in hand, and everyone can relate to the ups and downs that a relationship endures. With love, most times follows pain. But hope does exist, even in the darkest times.

About the Author

Chenier Datilus was born in Elizabeth, NJ to Haitian immigrant parents. Growing up in a large family, Chenier turned to books as his quiet sanctuary. This led to a passion for reading of books of all types, from legal & medical thrillers, presidential biographies, romance novels to mystery. Being a romantic at heart, Chenier has always been secretly fascinated with the topic of love, the paths that lead people to one another, and how they recover from heartbreak. When he isn’t working on his business ventures, you will often find Chenier spending time with his wife of 10 years and his adorable small poodle.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32