Heart Adventures With Puppygirl: Nobby Star

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While PuppyGirl and BigBestFriend are in California, PuppyGirl gets to learn about the ocean, especially how waves can make you fall down. But, if you bark at them… they just go back into the ocean!

It is here PuppyGirl meets several new creatures but one in particular she names Nobby Star. JesusSaviorFriend uses Nobby to illustrate an important lesson.

They learn that special gifts are given to everyone by God’s Spirit and they find ways to recognize them and to use them to make others smile, spreading the love of JesusSaviorFriend. Children should never be afraid to recognize their gifts and use them, especially the most valuable gift of all, love. This is the best gift we can give back to God.

About the Author

Barbara A. Johns retired from Kaiser Permanente in Northern California and is now living in her home town in South Central Pennsylvania. Her inspiration for the books comes from her own personal relationship with Jesus Christ and her past work as a Hospice RN. Children are blessed to meet Abby (PuppyGirl) as she provides unconditional love along their paths to share God’s love. Johns also enjoys writing her inspirational poems, ballroom dancing and being near the ocean, lakes, and mountains whenever possible.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 42