Hear Gods Voice: Hear The Voice Of The Son Of God And Live

By Julia A. Garrison
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The author’s salvation in Christ Jesus and the prompting of the Holy Spirit guided her heart to write this book. Her hope is for her readers who are lost, those whose faiths are lost from the problems of this world, to find it in Christ Jesus, resulting in a new sense of joy, with true love, which can only come from God. Though in this world, we will all continue to have problems, she wants her readers to know in their hearts and minds how they can experience true peace and strength once and for all. The most important thing is to be reconciled with God.

About the Author

Although Julia A. Garrison was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she now lives in Grayson, Georgia, with her husband, Dan, and their three children, Daniel, Mathew, and Janella. She always had a passion for writing. Once she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, her heart desired only to write about Him and for others to know how He has helped her during the storms in her life.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32