He Who Hesitates Gets Rear-Ended

By William Ivers
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This ribald collection of stories, memoirs, and essays presents the bawdy and the erotic, as well as delightful reconstructions of adolescent and family memories. Warning: Keep the kiddies away from this book. Tucked in among the heart-warming tales of family and teen years is some of the most riveting erotica youll ever encounter. Anywhere. WARNING: STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

About the Author

Born in Kentucky, William Ivers considers himself a native of Monterey, California, where he graduated from Monterey High School and attended Monterey Peninsula College and then San Jose State University. William Ivers is married to Denise Ann Ivers, who wrote the foreword to this book, and has four children. He is general manager of the Bureau of Medical Economics, and has been president of San Jose Neighborhood and Housing Services and of Chapter 5, CAC. He is interested in competitive sports and games, working with youth leagues in baseball and football, and of course writing. Take a look, says William Ivers, from many different points of view, from the nave schoolboy to the sexually adventurous. Never look back and wonder what might have been. Dreams can only come true when you make them happen.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 146