He Knows My Name

By Raven Day McShane
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About the Book

Peer through the windows of Raven Day McShane’s life as she leaves her Army life for the civilian world—not an easy task for any military veteran. With undiagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Raven and her son, Aaron, encounter tremendous hardships as they journey through life, not always together, ultimately to learn that life is not how we plan.

But together or apart, they realize that they can put life back together with faith in each other and with love. Family is not always those we are related to, but the ones who help us during our times of need, and no adversity can take away their bond.

About the Author
Raven Day McShane is a military veteran with her Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Leadership and Behavioral Health. She has one adult son, Aric.

Her hobbies include crocheting, cycling, walking, hiking, vegetable gardening, community building, traveling, and volunteer work in the community. She’s a partner at St. Lukes United Methodist Church in Orlando and participates in Shalom Prison Writing Ministry; Inside Out Jail Ministry; Connect Ministries, Woman’s Bible Group, and Singles Serving Bible Group at St. Lukes UMC.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 144