Hawaiian Dreams

By   Sheri Lynne
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About the Book

With bottles of expensive alcohol seemingly disappearing from their shelves overnight—and not being sold on the floor—Mike and Mark TreVaine, twin owners of The Hawaiian Lanai, a high-end restaurant in Oahu, Hawaii, find themselves wondering whether it’s an inventory issue, or an inside job. Could one of the staff be stealing from them?

Anxious to resolve the situation, the duo takes on an intern from the local university who’s a whiz at inventory and accounting: Jenna Hathaway. 

When sparks begin to fly between Jenna and Mike, she soon discovers life working at the Lanai comes with more than she bargained for. Romance, action, mystery, and suspense—Jenna’s life is about to become a lot more exciting!

"Very good, and well written, excellent job, can’t wait until ‘Hawaiian Flames’ comes out! You
are now my favorite author!" - A. Stevens, Michigan.
"Really liked the book, very engaging, loved the characters and story line. Can’t wait for the next
book!" - D. Bertalon, Cement City, Michigan.
"Could hardly put it down, loved it!" - Mildred from Michigan.

About the Author

Sheri Lynne is currently an owner of a small business in Michigan. A widow caring for her special needs adult son, Lynne has been passionate about healing her son through nutrition and various treatments in that it will free him of pain and help him live a more independent life. As such, through the years, she’s learned a lot about organic foods and the benefits they provide for natural healing. 

Lynne has always dreamed of writing a book, and the idea came to her during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. (She wasn’t able to get out to her business accounts and was sitting in her living room when inspiration struck!) Hawaiian Dreams pays homage to Lynne’s late husband’s dream of owning a Hawaiian restaurant. Her professional experience includes working in a restaurant as a waitress and manager in her early years, and through owning her own business, she learned the accounting end as well as working out in the community with her business contracts. Lynne learned a lot about crime and how the criminals are apprehended through her contract with the Michigan State Police. All these experiences combined helped her to put this exciting new novel together. 

Lynne is currently involved with Compassion International, where they help children in third world countries out of poverty, supplying them with food to eat, education, medical assistance, and teaching them about the love of Christ. She also gives to other Christian organizations as well as her church. She has suffered through the loss of her oldest son and the loss of her husband, but through her faith, she has come out a much stronger person, relying on God’s strength instead of her own.


Published: 2021
Page Count: 382