Have We Met Before

By Zinah Brown
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Romantic drama brings two strangers together through the process of organ donation. Divine intervention and love at first sight. Excitement, laughter, and love that develops between two strangers. The possibilities exist for someone who is looking for love – and love finds them when they least expect it. When you place yourself in a situation when your common sense tells you to stop and your heart tells you to go, your friend will be there, no matter what.

About the Author

Zinah Brown is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. As an author, screenwriter, and director who developed her creative writing ability at a very young age, she attributes these as gifts from God. Prior to writing professionally, Zinah was a professional model, gracing the catwalks all over this world. Her experience in the fashion world assisted her in her production and choreography interests.

Zinah always knew where her passion lay. A dreamer, she began writing love poetry at the age of thirteen. Her gift to write poems, short stories, stage plays, and currently film scripts has had such an impact on her life. Zinah’s first book, Have We Met Before, is only the start of the romantically wonderful world of Zinah Brown. There is so much more coming from this writer.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 70