Haunted Estate Sale: 2 Angry Spirits

By Elkossei Ashraf
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When recent college graduate Ash leaves his mother and his country behind to pursue his dream of working in America, he immediately thrives in his career as a homecare physical therapist in the suburbs of Chicago. Well-loved by his patients and coworkers for his unfailing optimism and sense of humor, Ash has never had a problem patientuntil he meets the Lipinskis. Mr. and Mrs. Lipinski are the proud owners of the most beautiful house Ash has ever seen, yet the elderly couple lives only in a small, filthy, freezing back room; when Ash inquires about their situation, the old man and his wife become livid and kick him out.

After Mr. and Mrs. Lipinski freeze to death in their lonely back room, Ash decides to attend the estate sale held at the beautiful house. He and the other customers have no idea that although the Lipinskis bodies have been buried, their spirits are still present in the house, with only one goal in mind: revenge.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 298