Happy Thoughts

By Paul Tai
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The great proselytizing systems of the world, along with their well-known adherents, would have us go through a strict regimen of dos and don'ts, as can be glimpsed in the Ten Commandments and their variants.

If Paul Tai would have his way, however, wed have another thing going about how to approach the question of nirvana and heaven altogether. In Happy Thoughts specifically, he cites the stories of those who have had near-death experiences as a basis for a new treatment of life. Since the stories always revolve around past happy memories, would it be far-flung to interpret them as saying that, perhaps, the essence of living revolves how much happiness we have accrued in this life?

And so, taking this approach, Paul ponders how best to have a happy life.

In Happy Thoughts, Paul lays down how we should pursue physical health along with a sound mind to steer us right on the way to this new take on heaven.

About the Author

A resident of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, California, late-sixty-years-young Paul Tai has BS degrees in civil and mechanical engineering, and a MS degree in structural engineering. Currently, he holds patents in automobile accessories. A member of the Lutheran Church and World Affairs Council, Paul counts reading, music, movies, traveling, politics, golf, and skiing among his hobbies and special interests. Paul is a member of ICBO, ICC, and ASCE.

In June 1997 he published an article in San Jose Mercury News about Hong Kong Keepsake before its return to China from British control.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 70