Hands: A Story Of A Mortal Life And Internal Struggles

By  B. W. Heath
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About the Book

When we are close to our life’s end, we surely shall reflect on all of the aspects that made our life a special one.

These are the deathbed thoughts of Michael Ashfield Johnson.

About the Author

B. W. Heath was born in Gilbertsville, Kentucky, during the time of Pearl Harbor. Living during the time when the radio was most popular, B. W. Heath developed an imagination that grew throughout the years. He grew up with a love to read and always felt he was part of the story he was reading.

He is currently retired and volunteering at the local elementary school in his area. He works with the children in Special Education. During his free time, B. W. Heath enjoys working on new stories and sharing his own experiences in them. He uses his experiences to write books he hopes others will enjoy.

B. W. Heath currently resides in the state of Michigan with his family. He enjoys reading, working with the Special Needs children at the local elementary school, attending NASCAR racing events, and—above all—writing his stories.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 136