Hamburger & Milkshake: Amazing Journey Of A Southern Belle

By Eleanor Selph
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Hamburger & Milkshake: Amazing Journey of a Southern Belle is a unique autobiography in which Eleanor Haley Selph shares amazing experiences and miracles that will help readers of all ages to better understand their purpose as human beings. From her early formative experiences and the development of her faith as a young adult through divorce and the deaths of loved ones, Ms. Selphs perception and openness shape her account of both good times and bad. She further shares her personal testimony and her witness of the miraculous interventions she has experienced, offering readers compelling insight to the larger questions of humanity.

About the Author

Eleanor Haley Selph is a native and long-time resident of South Carolina. She has always been interested in sharing writing, art, poetry, and communication and has received recognition in all of these areas. She enjoys people from all walks of life and cherishes learning from them, a quality that is reflected in her work. Ms. Selph is the owner of Selph Computing, where her motto is Quality is the policy.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 222