Hailey And The Castle

By Jozette Lucero
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About the Book

A beautiful young girl living in a small village, Hailey longs to live in the castle she views every day from far across the meadow. Though she has a great life, filled with loving parents and simple pleasures, Hailey fantasizes about living life as royalty. But one day, when she unexpectedly meets the prince who lives in the castle of her dreams, she learns that even those with seemingly perfect lives can desire something else.

As they become friends, the two learn how to create their own happiness by looking inside themselves to find appreciation for even the smallest things in their lives. Under the fairytale storyline, Hailey and the Castle tells of the joys of life in unexpected places.

About the Author

A native of California, Jozette Lucero works as a Community Services Assistant. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree, is nearing the completion of her Bachelors and wants to complete her Masters. Jozette enjoys traveling, exploring the world, and writing. With this book, she hopes to bring love and acceptance to any child lacking it.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 32