By Sabrina E. Tyes
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In the world of vampires and demons, time has almost no meaning. It carries on throughout the centuries, but that doesn't mean that grudges, love, or betrayals lessen with the passage of time. Its a tough reality rock star vampire Haido and crafty demon Sabrina must come to terms with as they battle for freedom from the past and also quest for a legendary sword. Haido's single-minded purpose is to evade his creator, San, and not be held captive and tortured as his love slave again. Turning to his circle of human friends for assistance, Haido unwillingly joins forces with Sabrina, who has her own ex-lover to escape. The more they work together, the more they find something in common-particularly regarding the strange and powerful sword with which Haido fights. Will they find success and freedom? Will they discover the secret of the sword? Will their existences be transformed? Or will each be lost to torment forever? Haido tells the tale.

About the Author

Sabrina E. Tyes is a mother of four, residing in Buffalo, New York. She enjoys singing, dancing, drawing, J-pop music, and coin collecting.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 126