By Seamus Harrity
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Grotesque: “The Morning Of”

About the Book

Present day Portland, Oregon. Supernatural occurrences put the people on edge. Doomsday fanatics are on every street corner prophesying the end of the world. Then a freak electrical storm called a Carrington hits the city, temporarily knocking out the electrical supply and communications. The city begins to panic at reports of even more bizarre events. Meet four people all suffering in their own way. All wanting revenge. As they rise, so do the dead. And the next morning so does a monstrosity from the Willamette River, right in the heart of downtown. As chaos ensues, you follow the quartet of monsters as they tear through the town and begin to discover their powers to grind mankind into dust. This is just the morning of Grotesque. What will the afternoon bring? Uniquely you get to see the tale through the eyes of the monsters, as they grow and become more powerful and violent. Enjoy a bloody good time!

About the Author

Seamus Harrity has “no community involvement”. For hobbies he enjoys video games, riding his motorcycle, shooting guns, writing, camping, hiking, drawing and spending time with his cats and dogs. Mr. Harrity likes stuff on space, loves horror in any media format, “raising scorpions,” poetry and creative writing.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 642