Greater Than The Sum Total

By DC Doyle
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A Novel By: DC Doyle

Morgan Russell, Sienna Borden, and Lenore Huston almost always see each other in the infusion lab of the Oncology Department of The Center. All three are being treated by Dr. Lucille Peyton, a hardworking, dedicated physician and friend. All of them are battling one common enemy: cancer. While life itself is a constant challenge in the course of their treatment, The Center is undergoing rapid changes under new management that are determined to keep the hospital from bankruptcy.

Dr. Jerry Cherry, an accountant, currently heads the board of directors. His resolve to downsize the hospital staff and departments for financial stability clashes with the doctors ethos and primary duty: the treatment of patients to the best of their abilities. For unknown reasons, the Oncology Department seems to be the hardest hit by layoffs, and Dr. Peyton becomes the recipient of charges for company violations that threaten to end her career as physician forever.

About the Author

A native of Pennsylvania, DC Doyle committed herself to public service, serving in more than thirteen foreign countries for over thirty-six years. She is happily married with five grown children and six grandchildren. She currently lives in Bend, Oregon, where she relishes in the coastal scenes and her favorite activities, such as fishing and crabbing.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 328