Great Religious Myths Of The Twenty-First Century

By Pram Nguyen
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Humankind is on the verge of crisis due to false predictions of the coming of Jesus Christ and Buddha Maitreya. Religions are poisonous ideologies for those who have no wisdom and are only blinded by faith. Such empty prophecies as these are more dangerous than any other promises in life because they can destroy the very souls of those who believe strongly in them.

In response, Great Religious Myths of the Twenty-first Century explains the true nature of the coming Buddha Maitreya and emphasizes the separate identities of Jesus Christ and Buddha Maitreya. There is no connection between them, and a wise person must recognize this fact and lead his or her life in the right path in order to actualize the mind. Pram Nguyens work seeks to remedy the false teachings that threaten to ensnare seekers and to guide readers who wish to further their spiritual journey.

About the Author

Pram Nguyen is a native of Vietnam and currently resides in Ohio. Educated in the United States in chemical engineering and as a doctor of herbology in Vietnam, the author now devotes his time to writing and the translation of Buddhist texts.

Mr. Nguyen is the author of The Ultimate Theory of the Universe and numerous other books in his native language.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 112