Great Heartache Among Cattle

By Cynthia Carter Baldwin
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Great Heartache Among Cattle follows Traci, Mona, and Darlene, and focuses on the experience of womanhood at several ages. When a psychopathic man enters the lives of one woman, he inevitably enters the worlds of all three and causes havoc in their lives. Follow these three as they journey through hardships, love, and abuse, strengthening the bond between them as they do so.

About the Author

Cynthia was raised in Dumas, Texas, along with her two older brothers, Calvin and John. One of her ambitions was to be a published author, but she never finished this endeavor. John Steinbeck, John Irving, and Carson McCullers are three writers whose style she admired and hoped to emulate. Cynthia enjoyed her time as an over-the-road trucker; she loved observing scenic America, especially in the Northwest, and meeting people.

After Cynthia’s unexpected passing in 2022, her husband, Ron, discovered her book and set out to make her dream come true. Cynthia loved sharing her life with Ron, gardening, photography, and caring for her eight parrots, several of which she rescued.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 230