Great Collection Of Tetela Proverbs On The African Wisdom

By Ambaye Albertine Tshefu, Elisabeth Mukanga Ndjeka and Albert Tshefu Empenge
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About the Book

Great Collection of Tetela Proverbs on the African Wisdom is a rich and charming collection of wisdom. Proverbs are an important and creative tradition of the Tetela tribe of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This book includes nearly 300 proverbs written in Tetela, French, and English.

While some proverbs are similar to English sayings – “It is the survivor who narrates the story,” “Nothing is impossible until the death,” – others are unique – “Do not take fog for rain,” “The basket of the prickly ants is difficult to carry and to put down.” With short explanations, each proverb’s meaning is illuminated for reflection and application.

Filled with wisdom for a proper moral life, family relationships, leadership, encouragement, and reminders, these proverbs are both representative of the Tetela culture and universal in their hope and encouragement.

About the Author

 Ambaye Albertine Tshefu is the sixth child in her family. She has always had a passion for writing. Tshefu received a bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan States University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has worked as an ultrasound technologist, but currently works as a substitute teacher. She has three daughters and two grandchildren.

Elisabeth Mukanga Ndjeka is the widow of Albert Tshefu Empenge, magistrate. She is the mother of ten, including twins. She has grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews, grandnephews, and great-grandnephews living on Africa, Europe, and the Americas. She recorded these proverbs to share her tribe’s culture and wisdom with her family. 

Published: 2020
Page Count: 116

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Cesarine Ntanga
Love It!

This collection is not only a beautiful homage to Empenge Albert Tshefu but also makes for great topics of discussion between generations. 5 stars!