Grandpa's Boots

By Louise Davis
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Every evening, Klair knows Grandpa is home from his hard ranch work when she hears the clink, clink, clink of his spurs. Klair wants to be just like Grandpa and have a pair of boots of her own.

One day, Klair joins Grandpa for a day of work on his cattle ranch. Grandpa’s rules are simple: help, listen, and don’t complain. Klair works hard all day to be just like Grandpa. But will it be enough?

Grandpa’s Boots is a loving tale about the wonderful lessons we can learn from our family.

About the Author

Although she was born in a small Idaho town, Louise Davis has been all over the United States. Her family’s Gunstock Ranch on Oahu inspired this book. Davis loves animals and currently has a horse (from Hawaii), two llamas, two cats, and two fish. She lives in Idaho with her husband and four children. She has always loved reading books to her children and received a bachelor’s degree with a focus in Creative Writing to write her own books to share with children.

(2018, Hardcover, 40 pages)

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