Grandma Lily

By Laura R. Sanchez
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Every chance she gets, five-year-old Gina visits Grandma Lilly. Gina likes to talk with her grandma and watch her cook. Everything Grandma Lilly makes is delicious, but Gina especially loves the little vanilla cookies shaped like teddy bears, dolls, flowers, and hearts. And Grandma Lilly, who enjoys this precious time with her granddaughter, uses the vanilla cookies to teach Gina certain things she will need to know as she grows uphelping her to develop the five senses and her imagination. Perhaps the most important lesson Grandma Lilly teaches Gina is that the foods she preparesand the cookies most of alltaste so delicious because they are made with love. One day Ginas mother tells her she cant visit Grandma Lilly because she has become very sick and is in the hospital. Gina begs and cries, but her mother explains that Grandma Lilly is so ill that she is a very deep sleep and needs her rest. Gina tries to think of something that will help her grandmother and suddenly remembers the vanilla cookies. She will bake a batch of them all by herself, and because she will make them with all the love she has in her heart, Grandma Lilly will feel better! Touched by her daughters love and determination, Ginas mother finally agrees to take her to the hospital with her cookies to visit her grandmother. There, in a heart-wrenching moment, Grandma Lilly teaches her little granddaughter another lessonthe beautiful legacy that she will be able to pass on to her own children and grandchildren in the years to come.

About the Author

Laura R. Sanchez has lived in Coral Gables, Florida, for fourteen years. She is married to Jose M. Sanchez and they have a son, Alejandro. She is a housewife, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and enjoys cooking, reading, and listening to music. Grandma Lilly is Mrs. Sanchezs first book. She wrote it to express the love she feels for our creator, nature, and children.

Published: 2000
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