Grandma Cookie's Treasure Box

By Nikki Joyce Ryan
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Grandma Cookie's Treasure Box
This book is given birth through the magic that children simply are. Their viewpoints and imagination see possibilities that inspire creativity through all genres. ~Nikki Ryan A childs imagination is a wonderful gift. Through their innocent observations, the world becomes a place of possibilities and endless adventure, an outlook often lost upon entering adulthood. In Grandma Cookies Treasure Box, Nikki Ryan captures the whimsical world of children, from monsters under the bed to dragon hunting. Whether read alone or with a child, Grandma Cookies Treasure Box truly is a gift for all ages, illuminating a time when life was simple, monsters were real, and the world was a playground. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nikki Ryan began writing as a child alongside her sister and as an adult continued to write for her children and grandchildren. She states that God is her lifes interest and it is with His love flowing through her that creativity for writing is inspired and given wing. Ryan was born in Texas and now resides in New Mexico.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 48